Public Procurement

Being one of the most outstanding specialties of our team, since before the issuance of the Organic Law of the National System of Public Procurement, and especially since its entry into force in 2008, we have actively participated as actors of the public procurement system, advising companies and contractors of the State from the initial pre-contractual phase, to the signing, execution and closing of administrative contracts. Our professionals have made important publications of Public Procurement Manuals and articles that serve as a practical guide both to bidders and contractors, as well as to public officials in charge of the development of contractual processes.

Main members of our team have held important management and advisory positions in public contracting entities, as well as in the highest State Control Bodies, which benefits our clients by the integral approach with which we advise them.

Our main mission in this area is to protect the interests and rights of our bidders and contractors, helping them to effectively and conveniently conclude contracts with the State, and accompanying them during the execution of them, always taking care of their responsibility and fulfillment.

Our specialized service includes a constant prior monitoring on all hiring processes that are published and of interest to your company or activity. Our legal advice covers the following stages and activities:

  • Monitoring and constant, detailed and complete information on the convocation and opening of public pre-contractual procedures for the acquisition of goods, provision of services or execution of works, as well as consulting, in which you and your company have their scope of action or interest.
  • Advice to participate in all types of pre-contractual proceedings contemplated in the Law of the Ecuadorian National Public Procurement System, particularly with the analysis and revision of the specifications and terms of reference, formulation of questions and clarifications, preparation and presentation of offers through of the mandatory application portal, ensuring compliance with all the legal requirements established in the bidding documents and the qualification of the offer (in relation to legal aspects).
  • Permanent follow-up throughout the pre-contractual procedure and assistance in the preparation of clarifications to the Technical Report for evaluating the Offers within the processes that so require. • Counseling and face-to-face monitoring in the negotiation and conclusion phases of the contract with the Public Entity, in relation to the terms and clauses thereof.
  • Legal advice and legal sponsorship in the preparation and presentation of Claims and Challenges to the Entity and SERCOP on the award made.
  • Legal advice and legal sponsorship in the elaboration and presentation of Administrative Resources in front of said Resolution, or in front of any other Administrative Act issued by the Contracting Entity.
  • Legal advice and sponsorship in case of termination of the contract, either by unilateral advance declaration of the contracting entity, nullity or termination of the contract, or by mutual agreement of the parties.
  • Legal advice and legal sponsorship in the preparation and presentation of appeals and claims in court, mediation and arbitration processes.
  • Full legal advice and sponsorship in case of disputes regarding the execution of the contract, in mediation, arbitration or judicial proceedings.
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