Labour Law

Our professionals have experience advising companies and civil and social organizations in the field of individual work contracts, especially in the permanent advice and concurrent accompaniment to companies in the relationship with their workers. Our service highlights the prevention of risks and labor contingents, as well as the representation of our clients before labor authorities in administrative headquarters, as well as in mediations and judicial litigation.

We advise on labor matters to companies of the most diverse areas, as well as to entities of the public sector through its Special Public Service Organic Law, successfully solving conflicts that have involved thousands of workers and servers.

Our professionals are ready to advise you and your company on labor issues:

  • General advice on labor and social security matters, regarding questions related to the daily operation of the company.
  • Preparation and approval process of Internal Labor Regulations.
  • Negotiation and resolution of conflicts with administrative and / or extrajudicial workers.
  • Defense of their interests in mediations and labor lawsuits.
  • Processes for approving schedules and their modifications before the Ministry of Labor.
  • Compliance with labor obligations in accordance with the requirements of labor inspections of the Ministry of Labor.
  • Situation of foreign employees, visas and labor migration issues.
  • Elaboration of contracts for specialized technical services.
  • Preparation of complementary activities contracts.
  • Drafting of types of work contracts adapted to each specific need of the organization.
  • Legal advice regarding hiring processes and termination of the employment relationship.
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