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Our professionals have experience advising businesses and civil and social organizations in the field of individual employment contracts, especially in ongoing advice and concurrent support to companies in their relationship with their employees. Our service emphasizes the prevention of labor risks and contingencies, as well as representing our clients before labor authorities in administrative settings, as well as in mediations and judicial disputes.

We provide labor advice to companies in a wide range of sectors, as well as to entities in the public sector through their Special Organic Law of Public Service, successfully resolving conflicts that have involved thousands of workers and employees.

Our professionals are ready to advise you and your company on labor matters:

  • General advice on labor and social security issues, related to daily company operations.
    Drafting and approval process of the Internal Work Regulations.
  • Negotiation and resolution of conflicts with workers through administrative and/or extrajudicial means.
  • Defense of your interests in mediations and labor lawsuits.
  • Approval processes for work schedules and modifications with the Ministry of Labor.
  • Compliance with labor obligations according to requirements from labor inspections by the Ministry of Labor.
  • Situation of foreign employees, visas, and labor migration issues.
  • Drafting contracts for specialized technical services.
  • Drafting contracts for complementary activities.
  • Creation of standardized employment contract formats tailored to each specific organizational need.
  • Legal advice regarding hiring processes and termination of employment relationships.