Administrative Law

Being one of the specialties and strengths of our team, it is through administrative law that all particular-State relations are regulated. This branch of law has incidence and should be applied in all aspects and activities that require the intervention of the Public Administration in general, at the level of Central, Regional, District and Local Government.

Our experience and specialized knowledge ensure our clients the necessary legal advice and sponsorship to enforce their rights and require the State to comply with its obligations. An important part of our service includes helping our clients to obtain administrative permits, complying with all requirements for participation and awarding public contracts, as well as specifying business opportunities with the State through public-private partnerships , mixed economy companies, cooperation agreements and other figures protected by our legislation.

With the coming into force in the month of July in our country of the new Administrative Organic Code, the most important normative body in this matter in recent decades in our country, there will be a number of changes in the area of ​​Ecuadorian Administrative Law, with important reforms at the level of administrative resources, terms for filing them, inclusion of the Comptroller General of the State in most of its regulations, electronic notification, derogation of the figure of the institutional public administration, administrative silence expiration of administrative procedures initiated ex officio. Our professionals give courses and seminars on the new Organic Administrative Code.

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