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Being one of the specialties and strengths of our team, administrative law governs all relationships between individuals and the government. This branch of law has an impact and must be applied in all aspects and activities that involve the intervention of the Public Administration, at the levels of Central, regional, district, and local government.

Our experience and specialized knowledge provide our clients with the necessary legal advice and representation to assert their rights and demand the government's fulfillment of its obligations. An important part of our service includes assisting our clients in obtaining administrative permits, fulfilling all requirements for participating in and being awarded public contracts, as well as exploring business opportunities with the government through public-private partnerships, mixed economy companies, cooperative agreements, and other legal arrangements.

With the enactment of the new Organic Administrative Code in our country in July, the most significant regulatory body in this field over the last decades, numerous changes are expected in the area of Ecuadorian Administrative Law. These changes encompass important reforms in administrative appeals, deadlines for filing them, the inclusion of the General State Comptroller's Office in most of its regulations, electronic notification, the repeal of the institutional public administration figure, administrative silence, and expiration of administratively initiated procedures. Our professionals conduct courses and seminars on the new Organic Administrative Code.