Energy and Nonrenewable Resources

Ecuador has some of the largest renewable and non-renewable resources in the region. It is one of the largest oil producers in Latin America and has significant gas reserves. In recent years, we have witnessed the beginning of some of the largest projects in the history of Ecuador, such as the construction of the country's largest hydroelectric power station, new fields of oil production, large-scale mining and some of the most important best roads and airports in the region.

The Ecuadorian government is carrying out a large-scale program to increase opportunities in the area of ​​renewable energies and expand the country's generation capacity by more than 60 percent, with the construction of hydroelectric projects. The mining industry is preparing to move from exploration to extraction in the coming years. This will create opportunities for foreign companies to supply machinery, services or technologies as these projects are planned.

The extraction and exploration of oil still represents the most profitable activity for foreign companies in Ecuador. Thus, in consideration of the new approach incorporated in the Ecuadorian constitutional regulations (the Ecuadorian Constitution approved on September 30, 2008 introduced fundamental structural reforms in the management of resources without the renewables in Ecuador), our legal firm offers advice and legal sponsorship in accordance with current regulations for the handling of matters related to oil, mines, water, radioelectric spectrum (regulated under the nonrenewable resource category in the current constitution), environmental permits, etc.

Based on the specialization in Administrative Law of our law firm and its professionals (subject that regulates the actions of the State), and by virtue of the specific experience in hydrocarbon and oil issues of our main partners, our office is an effective and complete tool of defense of the interests of our clients, against the exorbitant faculties of the public authorities related to this activity.

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