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The new Organic Code of the Social Economy of Knowledge, Creativity and Innovation (Code of Knowledge or Ingenios) replaced the Intellectual Property Law in Ecuador. Our team actively participated in the revision of texts of the code project, and appeared before the Education Commission of the National Assembly that was in charge of the analysis of this Code Project to offer their opinions, criticisms and suggestions; and, in turn, we are currently participating in the proposal for reforms to it.

This change represents a different legal treatment of intellectual property, development and research in our country, with which it is intended to promote the endogenous development of knowledge, especially to modify the current reality on the almost null generation of patents and inventions requested and registered by national actors (IEPI: up to 2013, on average only 1.97% of requests are from Ecuadorians), as well as innovation generated by Ecuadorian companies (Senescyt, ACTI 2013, of the total number of companies that introduced a new product to the market, 1.30% did it in a novel product for the world).

Our firm offers its clients a full service of legal advice and sponsorship in matters of Intellectual Property, punctually in the following:

  • Registration of Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights.
  • Background Search of signs.
  • Demands of Opposition and Response to Opposition.
  • Resources for Administrative Resolutions.
  • Renovations, Cancellations and Cancellations.
  • Transfers / Cessions / Granting of Licenses.
  • Administrative Guardianships and Precautionary Measures.
  • Suspension action of company name.
  • Health Records Our firm has an agreement with the Software and Database provider that contains all the trademark registrations and registration requests updated to date in Ecuador, with which we can offer our clients a complete, timely and direct service.

Our professionals are ready to advise you and your company on this matter.

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