Dispute Resolution: Trials, Arbitration and Mediation

With the new General Organic Code of Processes (COGEP) coming into force in 2016, a great step was taken in favor of orality in non-criminal judicial processes.

Our professionals have national and international training in advanced litigation techniques, specialized in processes and oral hearings in which we represent our clients against other individuals, companies and state entities.

Important aspects of our procedural practice are Civil, Contractual and Damages trials; executive judgments, monitoring and collection of your claims and credits; and civil defense before medical malpractice.

Our team has participated in numerous dispute resolution processes at the level of alternative methods of conflict resolution, as well as administrative, judicial and constitutional.

We have achieved important success cases by sponsoring our clients in administrative and judicial resources, recently obtaining favorable court rulings for our clients in lawsuits against other companies and corporations, individuals and especially against Ecuadorian public entities, emphasizing success cases in the fading of glosses and responsibilities before the Office of the Comptroller General of the State.

We have obtained important judicial victories in favor of the interests of our clients, both in processes of judicial challenge of unfair and illegal unilateral terminations of contract by public contracting entities, as in processes of collection of pending economic obligations in favor of our contracting clients. , more interests, damages.

The judicial processes that our team handles are not limited to the areas mentioned above, since in civil, labor and constitutional judicial processes we have managed to prevail the rights and interests of our clients, defending their causes as their own.

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