Success Cases

  • We have obtained several judgments in favor of our clients in the Courts of Justice. With this we have achieved the collection of values ​​and outstanding returns by public sector entities, plus interest and compensation for damages for the lack of payment in favor of contractors of the State.
  • We sponsored our client, the National Company of Foreign Capitals before the Contentious Administrative Tribunal and the subsequent National Court of Justice, successfully defending a hydroelectric concession that was granted and in execution.
  • With our advice and support, our clients offering Ecuador's public procurement system have successfully participated in awarding contracts and signing contracts with the State; as well as concessions and public-private partnerships with tax benefits and protection through investment contracts.
  • We have successfully defended for several years one of the Business Groups with the largest number of employees in the country, against complaints and labor demands of former workers, as well as against labor inspections and audits.
  • We successfully sponsor our clients, State contractors, to lift sanctions imposed on them by SERCOP for alleged failure to submit bids, as well as alleged breaches of contracts.
  • We successfully defended in the Courts of Justice a group of former public officials against glosses and determination of civil and administrative responsibilities related to special examination processes of the Comptroller General's Office, in which they were unjustly and unfoundedly involved.
  • We advise and accompany our client Company contractor of the State for the successful obtaining of authorizations by approximately 180 entities of the public sector in all the Ecuadorian territory, on the transfer of shares of their company within the purchase of the business by part of a foreign company.
  • We sponsor our client, Importing company and manufacturer of machinery, to prevent the violation of their intellectual property rights, brands and commercial names, through an inspection diligence with the public force and officials of the IEPI (now SENADI), with the confiscation of machinery, products, signs and computers with sales information of its competitors that were infringing their trademark and intellectual property rights.
  • We have obtained for our clients, companies and individuals, the collection of outstanding values ​​and credits, at a judicial level and in a previous phase through mediation processes.
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