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Felipe Ribadeneira Molestina, is a Founding Partner of LOPEZ & RIBADENEIRA CIA LTDA, a firm specialized in providing legal services in the corporate, tax, labor, corporate, investment support, public contracting and litigation areas; as well as foreign trade services. He is a specialist in designing and establishing public -private dialogues. Before establishing his signature, he worked at the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters - FEDEXPOR, who was its Executive President for a period of 7 years. Additionally, he has been Chairman of the Board of the Non-Alcoholic Beverages Association of Ecuador AIBE, who was its promoter along with the brands recognized as COCA COLA, PEPSI, GATORADE among others; and in virtue of his great prestige within the trade union and legal area, he advised in turn several National Associations, such as the National Corporation of Aviculturists of Ecuador, the Ecuadorian Business Committee in his capacity as former Vice President and is currently also Director of the Chamber of Commerce of Quito. In his management as a representative of Fedexpor, he was one of the main actors and opinion leaders recognized by both the international national press as well as academia and public and private institutions, which positively influenced the negotiation process of the Multiparty Trade Agreement between Ecuador and the European Union, whose subscription was made on November 11, 2016, being a fundamental step for the future of exports from Ecuador.

Has executed the FAT project and project AL INVEST IV, projects that are developed with the support of the European Union, among the results of AL INVEST IV are consolidated: 48 business centers representing 300 SMEs nationwide, which are in process of internationalization, in turn has developed the seven consecutive versions of the National Convention of Exporters with Business Roundtables focused on SMEs, which have achieved more than 8 million dollars in business opportunities; as well as the six consecutive versions of the National Prize to the Exporter - PremioeXpor, highlighting the work of Ecuadorian companies and that counted with the presence of important personalities at national and international level, in the same way in April 2013 it presents the publication "Aciertos y Challenges of Foreign Trade of Ecuador ", book that is consolidated as a technical tool and instrument of academic consultation to promote quality goods and services from Ecuador to the World; It also organized the ACADEMY Latin America version of Ecuador, with the support of AL INVEST IV and Eurochambres in June 2013, where it gathered more than one hundred trade associations from all Latin America and Europe. As Executive President he managed to get FEDEXPOR to be a founding partner of the Network of Chambers of Latin America and Europe, founded with the support of the European Union and the AL INVEST IV project; as well as the Latin American Association of Exporters of Services (ALES), founded in Quito in 2012, with the support of the IDB Inter-American Development Bank. Since 2015, he has been recognized by important specialized media and by the most prestigious economic magazines in Ecuador, as one of the most influential businessmen and with the greatest corporate reputation, as recognized by América Economía Ecuador, Revista Vistazo, among others.

  • Before joining the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters - FEDEXPOR as Executive President, he was part of the team that formed the first Investment Promotion Agency of Ecuador - INVESTECUADOR, as Director of Business Climate, for a period of one year, the same that is born of the agreement between the Ministry Coordinator of Production, Employment and Competitiveness, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and the Corporation for the Promotion of Exports and Investments CORPEI and the USAID of the Embassy of the United States in Ecuador. He held the Executive Presidency of FEDEXPOR for seven years, from October 2009 to the month of April 2016, during which time he spoke at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, Forum on Engaging the Trading Community: WTO, Trade Facilitation and the Private Sector in Developing Countries in Geneva February 15 and 16, 2010. At the Andean University Simón Bolívar Ecuador: with the theme "Impact of the Production Code in the export sector", in the seminar "The Production Code: Perspectives legal and business "in Quito November 16 and 17, 2010. In 2011 he took part as moderator in the seminar" Foreign Direct Investment and SMEs: an opportunity to boost the strategic alliance between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean "organized by ECLAC, in Santiago de Chile 5-6 December. In 2014, he gave the conferences "The Benefits of the Multiparty Trade Agreement with the European Union and the Expansion of Preference Systems, at the Expopesca Industrial and Commercial Fair of the South Pacific", in Guayaquil on September 12; In the same way, he participates as an exhibitor at the "I Foreign Trade Congress" organized by the UDLA University of the Americas, in Quito on September 30. In 2015, he explained about "The restrictions on foreign trade", in the VII National Forum of Importers of the National Association of Foreign Trade ANALDEX, in Bogotá on April 21; He is also part of the speakers of the V National Forum of Importers of the National Association of Foreign Trade ANALDEX with the topic "The restrictions on foreign trade" in Medellin on April 22.
  • In the same way as Executive President of FEDEXPOR he participated in management training courses in "Study Visit & Summer Academy 2010" in Brussels - Belgium, in July 2010, organized by the consortium AL-INVEST IV and Eurochambres Academy; "Mini ILGO Ecuador" in June 2011 - organized by the International Training Center ILO; "Eurochambres Academy in Latin America" ​​in Florianópolis - Brazil, in April 2012, organized by the AL-INVEST IV consortium; "EU-Latin America Relations Turning Investment into Opportunity" in Brussels in June 2012, organized by Friends of Europe - Académie Royale de Belgique, Brussels; "IV CELAC-EU Business Summit" in Chile in January 2013, organized by the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States - CELAC and Eurochile; "Corporate Governance and Performance Program" in New Haven - Connecticut United States, in May 2014, organized by the Yale School of Management.
  • Within his term as Executive President he positioned the Ecuadorian Federation of Exporters as an opinion leader on Foreign Trade matters, with participation in both the main press media and the main interview programs on the Ecuadorian radio and television news programs. on CNN International. Felipe Ribadeneira is also appointed Vice President of the Ecuadorian Business Committee for the period November 2013 to November 2014.
  • Bachelor and Lawyer specializing in Business Consulting of the Pontifical Catholic University of Ecuador, Thesis "The Tax Regime in a Tourist Free Zone: Mechanism for the Development of Tourist Activity in Ecuador".
  • Master in Law Economy and Public Policies in Madrid, Spain at the Ortega y Gasset University Institute, in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid, Thesis: "The Right of Separation of Partners in Limited Liability Companies in Ecuador: A Economic analysis".
  • Felipe Ribadeneira has specialized in tax law, foreign trade, corporate, labor, and in general business advice, in his training has the specialization "Trade and Investment Promotion for Ecuadorian Officials", issued by the Agency for International Cooperation of Korea KOICA. He was an active member of the Ecuadorian Institute of Tax Law and also a Professor of Tax Law at the University of the Hemisphere in Quito, Ecuador.
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