Public Private Alliances

Today's Ecuador is going through a period of private public dialogue and agreements. The participation of private, national and / or foreign investment in our country is crucial and one of the policies adopted by the current Regime. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are the answer, and every time more agreements and projects are signed under this umbrella, thanks to tax incentives, legal stability, legal security, resolution of controversies and other positive aspects of this figure, so that You and your company should not miss this important opportunity to do business in Ecuador.

Through strategic agreements of collaboration between the public and private sectors, the latter provides public goods and services to citizens, without disassociating the public sector from its own obligations. In general, it is a contract of assignment or delegation to a private entity for the execution and financing - partial or total - of a specific public project of general interest.

The figure of APP in Ecuador can adopt several figures:

  • Mixed economy companies
  • Concession
  • Strategic Alliance Association
  • Administrative contracts
  • Other contractual forms according to the law

Under these figures, there are a series of Possible Structures to implement them:

  • Operation and Administration (public partner maintains ownership of installation or assets, private operates and manages)
  • Design and Construction (private designs and builds, public owns the assets, operates and manages)
  • Design, Construction, Financing, Operation, Maintenance and Transfer (private does all the above and maintains ownership and ownership of the property until the end of the contract, then reverts to the State)
  • Development and Financing (private plans and finances construction and participates in other commercial activities in the project)
  • Turnkey (integral project in which the private does everything until the contract ends, does not necessarily maintain ownership and control over the entire project, the public exercises control)

Our team of professionals in the area of ​​Administrative Law and Public Contracting has extensive experience advising in these branches of specialized public law to domestic and foreign companies belonging to sectors of construction, public works and infrastructure, consulting, strategic sectors, telecommunications, hydrocarbons, equipment and technology.

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